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How do we support team and personal development efforts?

Development Concepts supports teams and individuals within organizations.

This generally occurs within the context of programs, training, assessment, or coaching and mentoring.  

Career Assessment,

Evaluation & Planning


Employees may have questions about where they best fit in an organization.  Development Concepts can partner with Human Resources and managers to assist in career assessment, evaluation, and planning.


Sometimes unrealistic expectations are present, but in many cases it is lack of knowledge and confidence about what is possible that prevents successful planning and effort to attain the desired roles. 

Consultation & Coaching for

Goal Setting & Action Planning

Setting a goal is often seen as  “easy”, especially if the objectives and goals have been set for a group or an employee.  It is the action that is believed to be “hard”.


However, for some individuals, evaluating options and setting appropriate and realistic goals is not as obvious or straightforward as it might first appear. We provide consultation to help create goals that are meaningful and achievable.


For others, the work necessary to determine the end goal has been accomplished, but support in creating an action plan to truly achieve the goal is what is needed.


For still others, successfully completing an action plan is more likely to occur with an advisor along the way during the inevitable challenges and detours that occur.

Contact us if you want more information about team and employee development services.

Team and Personal Style & Preference Assessment & Evaluation 

Assessments can be used in many ways for personal growth. To paraphrase Socrates, it is critical to first know oneself. Some assessments are administered in an interview format, others as paper/pencil tests, and still others online.


Depending upon the areas of interest, the results may stand alone, or you may wish to have further support in interpreting the feedback and planning of next steps.


We also provide interpretation and integration of past assessments taken in another setting as is appropriate.

Skill Assessment, Evaluation & Development

Similar to personal style and preference, specific skills in various work and life areas can be assessed and evaluated. These include specific work-based skills in any number of career areas as well as what are at times called “soft skills” such as leadership and emotional intelligence.


Establishing a benchmark can be done in timed tests, self-report, or by 360 degree methods. Depending upon the skill level and goals, development plans can be created to strengthen existing skills or to grow in new areas.


We also provide interpretation and integration of past assessments taken in another setting as is appropriate.

If you are an individual looking for support on your own,
outside of your employment,
you may wish to visit Reach & Thrive,
a consultancy that works specifically with individuals
in their personal lives, in areas of career and more.
Organizational support for team and employee personal development
can occur in a variety of areas: 
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